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Riads in Marrakech

Riads in Marrakech or Marrakech riads, what comes first? In many peoples minds Riads and Marrakech go hand in hand or are synonymous in many ways. “Riads oh you’re thinking Marrakech, Marrakech oh you’re thinking riads.” So when someone is thinking about buying riads, he is most probably thinking buying Marrakech riads.

When it comes to buying riads in Marrakech or Marrakech riads, you will need to consider several important aspects. One of the first things you will encounter is a question on whether you will purchase a previously owned older riad or a new build riad in Marrakech.

You might think the deciding factor is the price and the location for that riad in Marrakech, or you might think that the square meters and the quality are more important factors in purchasing a riad in Marrakech. And you just might be considering all this factors which I suggest is the best way to go about coming to a wise decision on purchasing a riad in Morocco.

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Buying Riad in Morocco

We are now saying in summary that to purchase a riad in Marrakech the important factors can include the size in square meters, the location, the quality and the price factor as well. All of this is of course important in the purchase of a riad in Marrakech or any home as a matter of fact, but when we are taking about purchasing a riad in Marrakech Morocco, we need to consider the title for that riad in Marrakech.

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Types of Riads in Morocco

There are basically two types of legal titles in Morocco, one is the old Islamic title and is sometimes called a “Mulquia” which is title of land or home that has been transferred from one generation and has been in the family name and has been written by the local Islamic authorities which is similar in some ways to a Notaire. The second is that the riad in Marrakech or property you are purchasing that has been a “Mulquia” has gone thru the French title Fronciere process and is now a clear title. One thing to remember if you purchase a riad in Marrakech with “Mulquia” papers you could loose all your money because someone else might have a legal claim to that property. Once you a clear title or “title fronciere” you can be sure that you money is safe guarded and your will be the only owner and you can sell later on if and when you like.

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Why Buy Riads from

Our company and through our website we sell riads in Marrakech which only have a clear title and which are not “Mulquia” this alone could save you a lot of money and problems. Our personal riad development choice is the Samanah Country Club project. The size, location, on-site golf course and exceptional high quality finish for these riad properties offer luxurious indoor and outdoor living. The riads in Marrakech and the exclusive villas in Marrakech which we offer also have great locations, great quality, are exclusive and the prices are some of the best in the market.

I personally hope that this small article on riads in Marrakech and or exclusive villas in Marrakech will help you consider several of the factors that I have mentioned. Our desire, as a company, is to safe guard our clients and ensure that they get what they want. IF you are looking for a riad or an exclusive villa in prime locations in Marrakech and throughout Morocco we will be happy to help you.


Thomas Spyker


See our selection of riads in Marrakech


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