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Morocco Property Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy Property in Morocco?
Any investor, resident or overseas buyer can purchase property in Morocco. Residents from any country in the EU or the USA are particularly welcomed in Morocco.

Is it possible to get a mortgage to help finance your Morocco Property purchase?
Yes it is possible to obtain mortgages on Moroccan properties. 60% - 70% is relatively standard but it depends on your personal situation.

Do I need to open a bank account in Morocco?

Yes as a buyer you will need to have a Moroccan bank account but only in time for the completion of the purchase. We will ensure that you are instructed of exactly what is required from you at all stages of the purchase.

How do I transfer money to Morocco?
You can use your own bank or a currency-exchange broker such as Moneycorp. We reccomend using a FX company such as Moneycorp when transfering large sums of money as it can save you considerable amounts.

What is the payment structure for Morocco Property?
The exact payment structure on property in morocco varies from development to development and from developer to developer. In general there is a deposit required of between 15% and 40%, sometimes an interim payment and then the remainder on completion. Please contact us for more information on the morocco property you are interest in.

What are the additional required purchasing costs?
Generally in Morocco around 5% - 6% is required in addition to the property purchase price to secure your property. These fees are broken down further in the example below:
Stamp duty: 2.5%
Legal Fees: 1.1%
Notary fees: 0.5%
Land Registry: 1.5% to 2%

Is it possible to rent the property in Morocco out?
Of course. The reason many people invest in property in Morocco is to operate a "Buy to Let" strategy and aim to generate a good solid rental income whilst the value of their property appreciates. Morocco has a solid rental market with occupancy around 85% in the high season and expected to rise as Vision 2010 matures. Ask us for more information on property management.

What is the tax situation for a property purchase in Morocco ?
Morocco offers some favourable tax options to overseas property investors to find out more you can visit our Morocco property tax section.

Is it possible to sell a Morocco property prior to completion?
Yes most of our developments have this written in the purchase contract. If this is an important part of your investment strategy then it is important to confirm if flipping or reselling prior to completion applies to the properties of your choice. Be aware that often times an additional administrative charge will be assessed for this service.


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