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Morocco Property - Land Deals in Morocco

Land Deals in Morocco

Property sales in Morocco are skyrocketing. We are happy to announce our new service to help land developers in this emerging market

Purchasing Land in Morocco is complex and for a foreigner can be exasperating. We are experienced and can provide services, which include:

1. Assurance of clear title

2. Verified build ability on land site by local authorities

3. Assurance of land price not changing during the process

Sounds simplistic? Anyone that has tried to buy property in Morocco knows that price can change many times or during weeks of sometimes-mysterious negotiation with the seller. Then piles of paperwork need to be verified and all transactions need to be completed to the proper authorities. All of this takes time, language skills and know how. We are equipped and prepared to take the drudge of this process for you!

Whether on the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Coast we have frontline beach investment home opportunities to share with you!
Inland, in Marrakech, Fez, other areas of Morocco await your development and we can help you accomplish your dreams.

Land deals in Morocco that we get, are usually sold within days or weeks at best. Contact us for our list of land deals, with prices, square meters of land and full details. Soon you can be in your custom built villa or
directing your own development.

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Frontline beach land for sale in morocco

Land Deals in Morocco

Morocco Property - Land Deals

Land deals, land in morocco.

Morocco Property - Mosque, Property in Morocco, invest in Morocco

Morocco Property - Land Deals in Morocco


Development Projects:

We also have land projects with architectural plans and approved building permits. You can start work on these immediately. If you build it we will sell it for you.

Many of our development projects have hotels and restaurants as part of the developments, on the Moroccan beachfront with gorgeous views. Some of our Moroccan land projects with permits are also in major cities like Casablanca or Tangier.

If you are an exceptionally large investor and would like to invest 100 million euros or more, we even have some opportunities that the Government of Morocco will partner with you. You can have huge returns and be part of historic infrastructure advance beneficial to Morocco.

Whatever level of investment in Morocco that you would like to participate in, our company has years of experience working, negotiating and developing key relationships with people in high places in the Moroccan government. Show us how serious you are as a potential investor and we can take you to people in high places in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Please address all enquiries for land deals and projects using the following guidelines and sending in your info via email addressing it to

Guidelines for land deal/projects enquiry in your email.

1. What size investment do you want to make in Morocco? (In millions of euros)

2. What type of land/Project are you looking for? (Frontline beach, city center, other)

3. Send with information on your company, past investments, experience, references.

4. Contact information, including lead person, email
addresses, phone numbers.

Our company works with a staff of people in Morocco that are constantly resourcing new land deals and projects. We also have developed relationships with key government officials through whom our building permits and investment process is greatly enhanced.

If you want to spend months learning the Moroccan way of negotiation and deal making on your own, you can enroll in this school of “hard knocks”


If you want a fair market price with no hassles and clarity in all aspects we are here to serve your interests.

Process of land deal/Projects.

1. You send us an email with all the information requested above

2. We send you a list of potential land deals/projects you might be interested in.

3. You make a decision on which ones you would like to view or visit first hand in Morocco and notify us about that.

4. For us to take that deal off the market we would need the amount of 5% of the deal. (We give you a money back guarantee for any lack of performance on our part.) This amount would be sent to our law firm’s escrow account in Gibraltar. Check them out at

5. The decision maker(s) in your company would take a viewing trip to Morocco and have a first hand view of the land/project. (Holding deposit could be made before or after your viewing trip, but would be needed to guarantee that it is reserved for you.)

6. An agreement would be signed with the Notaire in Morocco which gives the seller a guarantee that you will full fill you obligations of purchase, usually two to four months can be agreed upon until full payment is demanded by the seller and document signed by the Notaire.

7. We provide local architectural services and builders to complete your project if you so desire.


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